Musical Activities

2018Member of the „Pianoman House Band„, New Delhi(India) 
Concerts in BombayBangaloreGoa (India) 

2017 Concert with Pianoman Allstarsat the „Magnetic Fields Festival“ Rajasthan, India) 

2016 Concerts with Ganesh & KumareshArun KumarBangalore (India)
Lalitha & Nandiniat the „Nishagandhi Festival“ (Kerala, India)

2015 Creation of the jazz- fusion band „Die Üblichen Verdächtigen“ 

2015 Concerts with Rainer Pusch’s „Horn Please“ feat. Michel MarreGabrielleKoehlhoeferDirik Schilgen(Germany), Joël Allouche(France) organised for the 13ème Semaine Allemande (Montpellier, France)

2014Member of the Seaburn Cruise Boat Band(Pacific Ocean)
Concerts with Sonam KalratVasundra VeeThink Floyd New Delhi,BangalorePune(India) 
Solo concerts for the 12ème Semaine Allemande in Montpellier (France)

2013 Concerts with Rainer Pusch Triowith Ander GarciaMiguel BenitoMadrid (Spain)

2012 Concerts with Ma FaisaArati Rao-ShettyTarun BalaniNew Delhi (India) 
Tour coordinated by theGerman Goethe Institutwith KARUNA Kshetra feat. Manickam Yogeswaran (India)

2011 Concert Rainer Pusch Quartetat the Nationaltheater Mannheim (Germany)
Opening concert for the „Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis“ in Mannheim with KARUNA Kshetrafeat. Manickam Yogeswaran (Germany)
Concert with Rajat Prasanaat the „World Flute Festival“,  New Delhi (India) 
Concerts with SOS

2010 Concerts with Ganesh & KumareshNew Delhi(India)
Rainer Pusch Quartet,Bangalore (India), 
ShivanovaNew DelhiBombay(India), 
Yuvraj Viku Chhetri, Marcus DengateKathmandu (Nepal)
Concert with the Rainer Pusch Quartetfeat. Ranjit BarotSanjay DevejaKarl PetersBangalore (India) 

2009 Concerts with Mrigya , (New Delhi), Dr. Mysore ManjunathHampi, Mysore, Bangalore (India) 
Concerts with Sanjay DevejaAdrian D’SouzaAmit Heri Bombay (India) 

2008 09 Concerts with Karunafeat. Manickam Yogeswaran at the Kultursommerfestival Ludwigshafen (Germany)

2008 Tour with the Rainer Pusch Quartet(Estonia)
Concert and live recording (WDR) of Carnatic Sax with Ramnat GopalnatMainz (Germany)

2007 Concerts with the Rainer Pusch Quartet (Germany) 

2006Concert of the Rainer Pusch Trio at the 
Birstonas Jazz Festival (Litonia)

2005 CD production “Indian Song Book” (France)

2004 Concert with Rainer Pusch Quartet at the YvP Festival
Ulm (Germany)
Concert with Karunaat the Ouaga Jazz festivalOuagadougou (Burkina Faso) 

2003 Concerts with his Carnatic-Jazz-Fusion Band „Karuna“ (France) 

2002 Composition “Marga” for a symphonic wind orchestra for the Bayerische Landesakademie(Germany) 

2000-01 Concerts with Siegfried KesslerPhilippe PetruccianiPhilippe RenaudMichel BarrotBenoît PaillardDidier de la Guila(France)

1998-99 Concerts with Ganesh KumarV.SelvaganeshRanjit BarotSivamani,Dr. BalamuralikrishnanLouis BanksKarl PetersAmit Heri,Mumbai,Bangalore & Chennai(India) 
Studio musician in the Indian movie industry Mumbai,Hyderabad,Chennai (India)

1997Recordings for A. R. Rahmanin Chennai &Bombay (India)
CD & tour The Beginning & the End” withJean-Marie FrédéricMichel BismutPatrice Heral (France),
Tour of the Rainer Pusch & Mario StantchevDuo (Germany & France)

1996Tour of the Rainer Pusch & Horace Parlan Duo (Germany)

1995CD & tour “Jo” with the Gilles Trial Quartet(France) 
Duo with Peter Kowald(Germany) 

1994 CD & tour „In Between Those Changes“ of the Rainer Pusch & Horace Parlan Duo(Germany) 

1993Tour of the Rainer Pusch French Quartetwith Benoît PaillardMichel BismutPatrice Heral(Germany) 

1992T our of the Rainer Pusch Trio (Russia, Baltics)
Tour of the Rainer Pusch Quartet, coordinated by the German Goethe Institut (Indonesia)

1991 Scholarship of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg 
CD production with the „Süd Pool Ensemble“ directed by Bernd Konradfeat. Karl Berger (Germany)
Concert of the Rainer Pusch Sextet feat. Art Farmer Emil Mangelsdorff (Germany) 

1990 Rainer Pusch Project Bandwith Johannes WeidemüllerClaudine François John BetschHeidelberg &Mannheim (Germany)
Radio production of the Rainer Pusch Quartet at the Jazzfestival Baden-Württemberg (Germany) 

1989 Tour & CD of the Rainer Pusch QuartetRainer Pusch meets Horace Parlan“ (Germany & France) 

1988 Composition of the music for the poem “Die Dunkelheit ist da
by Elisabeth Alexander for a jazz sextet & speaker Germany) 

1987 Creation of the Rainer Pusch Trio feat. Allan Blairman (Germany)

1986-87 Composer & musical director for many theatre productions at the
Städtische Bühne Heidelberg (Germany)

1986 Radio production with the Rainer Pusch Big Bandfeat. Art Farmer at the Studiobühne,Heidelberg (Germany)
Concert of the Rainer Pusch Big Bandat the Mannheim Jazz-Festival under the direction of Peter Herbolzheimer (Germany)
Tour of the Rainer Pusch Big Band(France)

1985 Composition for the ARD television show Löwenzahn (Germany)

1984-86 Weekly concerts of the Rainer Pusch Big Band at Cave54, Heidelberg (Germany)

1984 Creation of the Rainer Pusch Big Band (Germany) 

1982-83 weekly concerts at the Ryles Jazzclub,Boston (USA)

1980 First record with the Rainer Pusch Quartet Journey Agent“ (Germany) 
with Thomas StabenowMichael Kersting &Klaus Wagenleiter
Concert at the Jazzfestival San Sebastian (Spain)

1979 Tour with the Frederic Rabold Crew coordinated by the 
German Goethe Institut(Romania) 

1978-82 Concerts with the Rainer Pusch Quartet (Germany)

1977 2nd prize at the Jazzfestival San Sebastian (Spain)